Green Brook Country Club
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Dress Codes

We take great pride in our Club and attempt to maintain an atmosphere that is both respectful and comfortable for all of our members.  With that in mind, we request that dress for both members and their guests, in and around the Clubhouse, be appropriate for all Country Club activities and events.  Listed below are our guidelines for proper attire for all members, guests and their children.

General Rules for Attire

Jackets Required Events: Suits or sport jackets for men and either dresses, skirts, slacks and blouses for women. Ties are optional unless specified. Jackets are always required for traditional Friday and Saturday dinner in the Dining Room (not required for Grill Room dinner). Attire for theme nights and holiday dinners will be specifically indicated on the flyers and monthly calendar.

Upscale Casual Attire:  Slacks and sport shirts with mock necks or collars (button-down shirts, short or long sleeves) for men.  Jackets are not required unless indicated.  For women: dresses, skirts, slacks and blouses are permitted.  This applies to dinner in the Grill Room or special events in the Dining Room.  Jeans may only be worn on Saturday nights or holidays when specifically noted.  They must be a solid color and may not be torn, frayed, stressed, tie-dyed, ripped or have patches or holes.

Casual Attire:  Shirts with collars, golf mock neck or V-neck with short or long sleeves and slacks or shorts of reasonable length for men; blouses and slacks or shorts of reasonable length for women. This applies to daytime Clubhouse attire and Easy-Go Sunday attire.  Jeans are permitted as long as they are not torn, frayed, stressed, tie-dyed, ripped or have patches or holes.  T-shirts, short shorts, thigh-high skirts or bare midriffs are not permitted in the clubhouse or on the golf course.  Appropriate tennis and golf attire is permitted in the Grill Room for lunch.

Metal spiked shoes are prohibited anywhere on the Club premises.

Sports hats and visors may not be worn in dining areas of the Clubhouse while meals (including Easy-Go Sundays) are being served.

Bathing attire, including cover-ups and men's sleeveless shirts, may only be worn in the pool area.  Members, their families and guests may not arrive or depart from the front of the Clubhouse or appear in the Clubhouse in bathing attire even if covered by an outer garment.  All members, their families and guests (including children) must change into bathing attire in the appropriate locker rooms.

The rules regarding proper attire apply to all members and guests, including children.  If you have any questions regarding proper attire, please don't hesitate to call 973-228-1800 for further clarification.